Dr. Yael Perlman

Dr. Yael Perlman
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Ph. D., Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,              2000.

MBA, Management, Tel-Aviv University,                                                                                      1994.

B. Sc. Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University,                                                                                      1988.


Academic Appointments

Tenure and Senior Lecturer, Management Department,  Bar-Ilan University                  2014-present.

Lecturer, Management Department,  Bar-Ilan University                                                      2009-2014.

Visiting Lecturer, Operations Management, ESSEC Business School, France            6/2013-10/2013.

Lecturer, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies,  Bar-Ilan University                                           2004-2009.


Employment and Professional Functions

Vice chair, Managment Department, Bar-Ilan University                                                  2015-present.

Head of the Industrial Managment Program, Managment Department, Bar-Ilan University 2010 -2015

Israel Air Force, Logistics research                                                                                       1988-2004.






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The paper has been selected for free on-line access as the Editor’s choice.

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Undergraduate Courses: Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Seminar in Logistics.

Graduate Courses: Operations Management, Performance Measurements and Management, Seminar in Supply Chain Management.



Multi-echelon Inventory Models

Production and Operations Management

Game Theory for Supply Chain Management