Doctorate in the Department of Management

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The doctoral studies program was first introduced in 2007. Currently there are six doctoral students. This number is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.
The doctoral program is intended to meet the need for high level lecturers and researchers in logistics and to expand and develop logistic studies in Israel.


Acceptance requirements are in accordance with those presented in Section G 1.1 of the University regulations. In additional candidates must also have:

1. An average of above 86 in the MA program

2. An average thesis  grade above 86

3. Two recommendations from academic researchers and practitioners in the field who are familiar with the candidate's research abilities

4. Authorization from a department member who will as the candidate's tutor

5. A 4-5 page pre-proposal approved by the future tutor

Note: In exceptional cases regarding candidates who don't meet criteria 1 and 2, the research committee is authorized to discuss their candidacy.