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2006 - 2011     Ph.D. in Psychology, Bar Ilan University, Israel. 

                        Supervisor: Prof. Mario Mikulincer, Provost, IDC, Israel.

Thesis Title: " A Positive Psychology Perspective on the Ability to Appreciate Beauty and Excellence: Scale Development and Validation, and Exploring of Associations with Other Human Strengths and Subjective Well-Being".


1998 - 2005:    M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Bar Ilan University, Israel (with Excellence).

                        Supervisor: Prof. Mario Mikulincer, Provost, IDC, Israel.

Thesis Title: "Transitional Relationships: The Contribution of Attachment Styles to Mental Functioning in Couplehood Interactions at their Break-up Phase".


2004:               Mediator-Negotiator Diploma, Law School, Bar Ilan University, Israel.



1994 - 1997:    L.L.B in Law + B.A. in Psychology, Bar Ilan University, Israel (with Excellence). 



Employment and Teaching Activities:


2010-               Lecturer, Department of Management, Bar-Ilan University.


2009 -              Lecturer, Inter-Disciplinary Department of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University


2008-               Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, Bar-Ilan University & Psychology School, IDC, Herzlia.


2006 - 2007     Member of founding team and senior lecturer at "Technological Leadership Education" project, Ness Technologies, Tel Aviv,



2006                Account Manager, Adam-Milo Human Resources, Tel Aviv, Israel.


2005-               Registered Psychologist by the Ministry of Health, practicing personal & organizational consulting.



פרסומים בכתבי עת בינלאומיים

Bodner, E., Palgi, Y., & Kaveh, D. (2013). Does the relationship between affect complexity and self-esteem differ in the young-old and theold-old participants? Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 68 (5): 665-673 first published online October 29, 2012. doi:10.1093/geronb/gbs095. 

פרסומים בכתבי עת בעברית

חזרה בשאלה בתקופת הנעורים – המשבר, ההתמודדות, הצמיחה (2011). יסודות, גיליון 17.




Organizational Behavior – Micro and Macro, for B.A. – Department of management & Special programs for I.D.F officers (Maltak, Mashan, etc.)

Social Psychology - for B.A. - Inter-Disciplinary Department of Social Sciences.

Leadership and Management Issues- for B.A. & M.A. - Department of management.

HR Management with the assistance of Positive Psychology- M.A. - Department of management.

Positive Organization Behavior – B.A. Empirical Seminar.

תחומי מחקר

Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing;

Leadership and Human Resources Management. 

Organizational Behavior;

Behavioral Economics;

Social Cognition;


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