Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Head of the program- Dr. Yuval Hadas.

Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The MA program in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, established in 2004, aims to provide managers with in-depth   knowledge, both theoretical and applied, in a wide variety of logistic subjects such as  production lines, movement of goods, supply chain management and others. These are only a few of the many subjects that are studied in the MA Logistics Management program and which are so crucial to the success of today's logistics manager. Among the first such programs in Israel,  the MA in Logistics Management, provides graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge in logistics that will enable them to integrate into the world of business or academia.

Three-Track Option

There are three tracks within these MA programs: non-thesis, executive and thesis. In the thesis track, track A,   successful completion of the thesis offers students the opportunity to continue on to doctoral studies. Track B, the non-thesis track  is designed for students who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of logistics but do not intend to study for a doctorate.

Transferring from track B to A 

 Students who submit to the MA Committee a research proposal upon completion of the course “Thesis workshop” are eligible to transfer to Track A.

 Students who fail to submit a research proposal by the end of the summer semester of the first year will not be eligible to transfer to Track A.

 Duration of Studies.

Students in  track A (with thesis) are obligated to complete their studies within  2 years and in track B (non- thesis) within 3 successive semesters. In cases justified by the  head of the department and the student’s advisor, the university’s Master’s Degree Committee may grant an extension of a third year to those students in the thesis track. Students who are required to complete prerequisite courses exceeding 8 weekly hours will be eligible for an additional year beyond the successive semesters.

Admission Requirements

 Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and attained an average grade of at least 85 in their undergraduate studies. more information about Admission Requirements

Prerequisite Courses

 1. Students lacking an appropriate academic background will be required to take prerequisite courses as described below. Students must register and complete the prerequisites within a single year.

2. A student who is obliged to take prerequisite courses will be accepted conditionally and must complete the prerequisite courses during the first year with an average grade of at least 80%. Regular M.A courses cannot be taken before completing the prerequisite courses with the required average grade unless the department grants special permission.

 Details concerning the courses are available on the department site of Bar Ilan University.

more information about prerequisite coursese

  Study Program
  Track A with thesis
13 Required Courses
13 Total
  list of courses in track A
  Track B – non-thesis
11 Basic required courses
3 Electives
4 Seminars
18 Total
  list of courses in track B


Final exam

The exam will be based on seminar work and additional material as determined by the department.

Requirements  and Guidelines

Jewish studies
According to the general requirements for the MA


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