Department Head's message

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Dear Candidates and Students:
Our department, The Department of Management, offers the opportunity for higher education in logistics, public health and healthcare system administration, and industrial management. Our core program is the logistics management program. This program was initiated in 1989 and has had a long-lasting tradition of continuous improvement to the incorporation of modern achievements in both management theory and practice. The logistics studies in the department of management enable students to grow from an undergraduate to the graduate and Ph.D level, and offers extensive opportunities for the aspiring managers to become proficient in supply chain, transportation, purchase and other aspects of logistics management. Furthermore, for those who are already experienced managers, we offer an executive program to capitalize, implement, and advance their managerial skills and knowledge.    
Our department also offers two new graduate programs for those who wish to specialize in industrial and healthcare system management. The industrial management graduate program demands rigorous performance and, in turn, provides students with unique and specific qualities and skills, which enable them to bridge the gap between theory and practice of industrial management. A master's degree in public health and healthcare system administration (MHA) is designed for students within the Israeli health care system, international health care systems, hospital management, epidemiology, health ethics and medical legislation, and aims at providing them with the necessary tools for becoming an executive manager within the various healthcare systems.
All our graduate programs are planned in a single academic year, containing three or four consecutive semesters, and have a thesis-based track for those interested in research and in Ph.D in future. We seek collaboration with the industry on research projects that would allow our students to apply their knowledge as well as successfully pursue careers in logistics, industrial and health care management.

On behalf of our department, I thank you for your interest and personally invite you to visit the department and explore the resources and opportunities available to our students.
I wish you the best of luck in your studies.
The Founder and the first Head of the Department.