Department Head's message

Welcome to the Bar-Ilan University Management Department!
The department offers a variety of academic programs in the management area. Two undergraduate programs are offered: BA in Logistics Management and BA in Technology Management.

Historically, the first of these two programs was Logistics Management, established in 1989. The program boasts a long tradition and thousands of graduates. In fact, Bar-Ilan is the only university in Israel offering such a program, from undergraduate to doctoral studies. Logistics studies in the Department of Management give future managers the opportunity to practice and gain expertise in supply chain management, logistical information systems, inventory and purchasing, transportation, maintenance, and other logistical management aspects.

The second program, Technology Management, was established in 2016. Since then, it gained significant momentum and became a leading program in our department. The program combines technological and managerial aspects and provides a variety of skills. With fascinating courses addressing cutting-edge operations in Israel and worldwide, it delves into the R&D world, the design and management of digital products, IT and technological project management, startup entrepreneurship, AI systems, e-commerce and digital marketing. The hands-on aspect of the program touches base with the technological breakthroughs of the 21st century, and introduces the students to hi-tech companies through experiential learning. The program lecturers combine impressive academic experience with proven practical record, and the students benefit from personal supervision and feedback by mentors from the industry.

Both programs prepare our graduates to the labor market and contribute to their integration in both private and government organizations, both established corporations and startups. Their state-of-the-art knowledge and mastery of the field provide our students with a significant advantage in hiring and promotion. The Logistics Management alumni can attest to that, and recently we have also been impressed with the career breakthroughs of the Technology Management graduates, who have only just entered the labor market.

We want you to reach as far as you can, and therefore attach great importance to advanced degree studies. We encourage both graduates and new students to continue studying and conduct research. Accordingly, we offer several advanced programs. One is MA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The program deals with managing logistical divisions, training and developing the future generation of supply chain and logistical researchers and managers. Recently, an additional program was opened: MHA in Health Systems Management.

Another specialized program we are proud to present is MA in Industrial Management, which places emphasis on introducing the students to managers in leading industrial organizations. The program prepares its graduates to integrate in mid- and top-ranking managerial and operational positions, and provides a theoretical and practical toolkit for negotiating an environment characterized by constant change.

Two additional advanced programs are the graduate program in Health Systems Management and the program in Health System Management with a specialization track in Public Health. Both are designed for students with background in Israeli and global health systems, hospital and HMO management, epidemiology, and health ethics and legislation. These programs are designed to provide graduates with the tools required to serve as managers in health systems.

In all advanced programs, we emphasize both practice and research. Accordingly, we offer both a non-thesis and a thesis track. The latter is aimed for students interested in engaging in research, some of whom plan to study for a PhD. The department encourages its students to take the thesis track and offers them significant support to that end (e.g., scholarships).

Note that the members of our academic staff are first and foremost outstanding researchers interested in including students in their research activities. In doing so, they contribute to research and academic development, while the students benefit from exposure to the world of research and possibilities for practical implementation.

All our non-thesis graduate programs are planned for one academic year, which includes three consecutive semesters (including a summer semester). We aim for collaboration with the industry in our research areas, thereby enabling our students to apply their knowledge and develop a career in logistics, industrial management, or healthcare system management.

For candidates with managerial experience, we offer a unique Executive program in Supply Chain Management and Logistics designed to leverage and hone their managerial capabilities in their areas of expertise. The program features attractive and highly experienced lecturers from various managerial areas, who introduce the student-managers to a variety of subjects and open up new horizons.

We welcome you to our department. Good luck in your studies!



Prof. Tal Avinadav