BA (General) in Logistics Management


Head of the program- Dr. Tatyana chrnonog.


Bachelor's Degree in Logistics Management

The BA in Logistics, established thanks to the generosity of the Livnat Family, 

The studies in our department aims to provide students with both academic and professional knowledge in the fields of management, operation logistics and economics. Logistics is the study of the movement of materials and of the provision of services associated with an organization.   Logistics focuses on the organization's productive core and the services involved in providing essential materials in the required quantity, at the appropriate quality, and at the right time, place and cost.


study program

Acceptance  requirements (not final)
Psychometric exam – general grade of 580
High school matriculation -- grade average of 90
Additional departmental considerations

Information on admission requirements for international applicants and new citizens  

There are four areas of study:

  • basics (e.g., mathematics, statistics, operations research, organizational

      behavior );

  • core logistic subjects (e.g., basics of logistics, purchasing and inventory management, transportation, maintenance, integrated logistic support)
  • information systems (e.g.,  computer applications, IT management, and application of logistical IT)
  • economics (e.g., introduction to micro and macro economics, micro and macro theories and applications, and financing)


Graduates of our logistic program of studies readily find employment in all branches of the Israeli market including purchasing and distribution, procurement and maintenance, management and operation of transport  and IT systems and other similar structures.  Many graduates are employed in banking, economics and general management.

Studies  towards Advanced Degrees
In 2004, the Department of Management introduced a Masters in Logistics Management.   Each year some 90 students participate in one of the program's study tracks (with and without thesis).   A doctoral program was established in 2007. Additional possibilities for advanced degrees include: Business Administration, Law, Accounting and others.