Department of Management

These web pages will give you an overview of the programs now available at the Department of Management. In addition to a BA in Logistics, we are now offering MA programs in Logistics Management; Public Health and Health System Administration; MA in Industrial Management; an Executive MA in Logistics Management; and doctoral studies.
For further details and more specific information, please contact a staff or faculty member from the contact list below. 
Logistics is the study of the movement of materials and of the provision of services associated with an organization.   Logistics focuses on the organization's productive core and the services involved in providing essential materials in the required quantity, at the appropriate quality, and at the right time, place and cost. Over the past few years, the Department of Management has invested considerable time and effort in developing a challenging program in logistic studies. Today, our programs are at the cutting edge of logistics studies in Israel, providing participants with the opportunity to professionally advance themselves or to acquire the tools and knowledge that will lead to a rewarding and enriching career.