Executive MA -- Master’s Degree for Executives in Logistics Management

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Executive MA -- Master’s Degree for Executives in Logistics Management 

The Executive MA  in Logistics Management is a new course of study that is specifically geared to meet the needs of executives and managers in all sectors of logistics and operations for additional and deeper knowledge. The study program emphasizes management and implementation aspects in management and logistics, supply chain, transportation and transport systems, ERP systems and E-Business.


To meet the needs of students who are generally working, the  program is highly structured and the classroom, content and class schedule are set from the beginning of the course. Courses are taught by the best lecturers, leaders in theoretical and applied research in Israel and abroad as well as by prominent guest speakers. 


For groups of executives within the same organization (at least fifteen participants) we can offer special modifications. Human resource managers and training managers are invited to contact us for further information.



The Executive MA in Logistics Management is a non-thesis track geared towards those who are interested in expanding their knowledge in logistics and are not intending to continue with doctoral studies.


Admission Requirements


1. Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and attained an average grade of at least 76% in their undergraduate studies and at least three years of proven management experience.

For candidates who studied two majors throughout their BA studies, the average grade will be derived from the final grades in both majors.

2. In some cases the required average will depend on the area of the undergraduate studies

3. Admission is subject to the number of vacancies in the department.  Places are limited and therefore the highest ranked applications will receive priority.

The Department of Management is not obligated to accept all applicants who meet the conditions stated above

4.    Final screening of candidates will be held at the discretion of the department

5. The Master’s degree committee of the university  is responsible for making the final decision whether or not to accept a candidate

6. Those students who have not yet completed their final year of undergraduate studies at the time of application must submit by the end of December of the same academic year a letter of intent regarding the completion of their studies to the university’s Master’s Degree Committee.

7. Decisions of the university’s Master’s Degree Committee will be based solely on the grades submitted at the time of registration.  The committee will not wait for the final grades of those applicants who have not yet completed their studies.  Furthermore, the committee will not consider grades that have been improved after registration.


  • Those applicants who hold an undergraduate degree gained from extension programs of universities from abroad or from local institutions that implement a  “distance learning” format are obliged to take GMAT or GRE entrance exams as is customary throughout the world.  Applicants must submit their exam grades upon registration.  Although the minimum required grade is 70%, this does not guarantee admission, only that the applications will be considered. 


Criteria Influencing Admission to the Executive MA Program in Logistics Management


    1. Total average undergraduate grade.  The minimum grade requirement varies with the program of studies and the applicant’s various areas of study.

    2. Proven relevant administrative experience of at least 3 years in the desired field of study is mandatory but will not replace the minimal requirements required for undergraduate degree studies.

    3. An existing average grade from graduate studies (or partial average grade) if available

    4.  Final acceptance decisions will be made at the end of the registration period according to enrollment figures.


Course of study
The  student must prepare a study schedule according to the hours and days that are in accordance with the courses offered by the department and its regulations and requirements.
The studies run continuously and include a  summer semester. Studies take place on a half-day basis on Thursday afternoons and Friday.

End of term exams will take place on days and at hours that don't overlap study days (as a result of constraints due to university-wide exams).
In principle the study program is a structured one.



Prerequisite Courses
4 Introduction to Logistics
  Track B – without thesis (only Track B is available)
10 Required Courses
4 Electives
4 Seminar
18 Total
  Basic Required Courses
2 Supply chain management (executives)

Human resource management in organizations

1 Advanced purchasing and inventory management (executives)
1 Maintenance and infrastructure management (executives)
1 Transportation system management (executives)
1 Logistic information system management (executives)
1 Economics for executives
2 Advanced managerial methods and tools
10 Total
1 Leadership issues
1 Developing interpersonal managerial skills
1 Leadership and worker motivation
1 Marketing strategies
1 Legal aspects of organization management
1 Advanced  Management Theories
1 Israel Capital Market
1 Information Management


Final exam

The exam will be based on seminar work and additional material as determined by the department.


Requirements  and Guidelines

Jewish studies
According to the general requirements for the MA

English for the Master's Degree

The fee for the MA program amounts to 44,240NIS. This includes: completion courses, Jewish studies, English studies, campus parking permit for study days (Thursday and Fridays)and various accompanying services.


For further information please contact the Department of Management


Telephone number 03-5318276, ext. 2

Fax. 03 -7384041


Logistics Management: malm@mail.biu.ac.il