Head of Research, Management Department

Prof. Yael Perlman

Building 502-11 Room 12
Reception Hours
Thuersday 15:00-16:00


    Ph.D., Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 2000

    MBA, Management, Tel-Aviv University, 1994

    B.Sc., Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University,  1988

    Academic Appointments

    Full Professor, Management Dept., Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, 4/2023-present

    Associate Professor, Management Dept., Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, 10/2018-3/2023

    Tenure and Senior Lecturer, Management Dept., Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, 10/2013-9/2018

    Lecturer, Management Dept., Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, 4/2009-10/2013

    Lecturer, Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, 10/2004-3/2009

    Professional Affiliations

    Head of Research, Management Department, Bar-Ilan University, 2023-present

    Member, Bar-Ilan Graduate Studies Committee, Bar-Ilan University, 2024-present

    Member, Bar-Ilan Teaching Committee, Bar-Ilan University, 2020-present

    Vice chair, Management Department, Bar-Ilan University, 2015-2018

    Head of the Industrial Management Program, Management Department, Bar-Ilan University,  2008-2015

    Editorial Board

    Associate Editor, OMEGA The International Journal of Management Science

    Associate Editor, Sustainable Manufacturing and Service Economics

    Professional Society Roles

    Vice President of the Operations Research Society of Israel (ORSIS), 2024-present

    The Secretary of ORSIS Operations Research Society, 2020-2024

    ORSIS representative in the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO), 2020-2024

    ORSIS representative in the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), 2020-2024

    Member, Scientific referee for the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) review panel, 2017, 2021



    List of Publications

    47. Kogan K., Perlman Y., Shatz S., (2024) "Fishing policies in a supply chain with an organic waste-based side stream". European Journal of Operational Research, to appear.                                                                                 

    46. Koren, M., Perlman, Y., Shnaiderman, M., (2023) "Management for Stockout Based Substitutable Products Under Centralised and Competitive Settings".  International Journal of Production Research, to appear.

    45. Hassin, R., Meilijson, I., Perlman, Y., (2023) “Queueing with Negative Network Effects”. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, to appear.

    44. Caspi, H., Perlman, Y., Westreich, S., (2023) “Managing Near-Miss Reporting in Hospitals: The Dynamics Between Staff Members’ Willingness to Report and Management’s Handling of Near-Miss Events”. Safety Science 164, 106147

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    33. Perlman Y., Yechiali U., (2021) "The Impact of Infection Risk on Customers’ Joining Strategies". Safety Science, 138, 105194.

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    30. Koren, M., Perlman, Y., & Shnaiderman, M., (2019). “The Effect of Color Assortment and Using Social Media on the Inventory Management” in Anišić, Z., Lalić, B., & Gračanin, D. (Eds.). (2019). Book of Abstracts of the 25th International Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations. Eds. 85-86.

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    Work in progress

    Caspi H., Perlman Y. “Partial Privatization and Environmental Investments in Public Firms: A Two-Stage Game Model”. 

    Koren M., Perlman Y., Shnaiderman M. "Unveiling the Power of Social Networks in Demand Prediction for Substitutable Fashion Products".

    Avinadav T., Chernonog T., Meilijson I.E., Perlman Y. “The effect of commission schemes on information exchange in online marketplaces”.

    Oz B., Perlman Y. "Co-exposure management in queueing systems" 


    Undergraduate Courses

    Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

    Seminar in Logistics.

    Graduate Courses

    Operations Management and Performance Measurements.

    Seminar in Supply Chain Management.


    Main Research Interests

    Supply Chain Management.

    Production and Operations Management.

    Queueing Systems.


    2024-2028. Multidimensional Integrated Quantitative Approach To Assess Safety And Sustainability Of Nanomaterials In Real Case Life Cycle Scenarios Using Nanospecific Impact Categories. HORIZON-RIA 101138414. 3,985,648.75 Euro (BIU 363,141.25 Euro) 

    2024-2026. Evaluating inequalities and gaps in healthcare service based on data envelope analysis and game theory. INH 2022/64 186,993  NIS

    2021-2026. Demonstrable and replicable cluster implementing systemic solutions through multilevel circular value chains for eco-efficient valorization of fishing and fish industries side-streams. HORIZON-H2020 101036428. 18,583,667 Euro (BIU 378,167.5 Euro)

    2021-2024. Strategic Decision Making in Queueing Systems in the presence of a Negative Network Effect While Waiting to be Served. ISF 1898/21. 376,200 NIS

    2021-2023. Promoting Patient Safety by Near-Miss Reporting. INH 2020/326. 150,328 NIS

    2015-2018. Reduction of Congestion in Emergency Rooms. INH 2015/192. 119,979 NIS

    2012-2015. Improving the Blood Collection Process. INH 2012/135. 119,119 NIS

    Ph.D. Students

    Dr. Eyal Eckhaus Jointly with Prof. Konstantin Kogan Graduated 2012.

    Dr. Yaakov Ozinci Jointly with Prof. Sara Westreich Graduated 2018.

    Dr. Miki Winkler Jointly with Prof. Sara Westreich Graduated 2020.

    Dr. Michal Koren Jointly with Dr. Matan Shneiderman Graduated 2021.

    Hilla Caspi - Ongoing

    Shaden Naser - Ongoing



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